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Technology has dominated all spheres of life. The education is also one of the fields where we can see the impact of information technology. Education and library are twin sisters. Over several years the education process has seen drastic changes in imparting knowledge. During the last few years it has been seen, an almost exponential development and growth of the digitalization, automation and the internet, with little sign of a slowdown. No longer is internet access restricted to a few select education establishments it is now available to anyone in their place of work, local libraries, the internet sites and even in the home. It is the information that has becomes the key to the success in different walks of life. Education is one of the largest activities in the world. All students’ have a need to accessing information for getting degree or for imparting the same to new generation. So the ability to adopt the change, from traditional way to e-environment, therefore in the changing information scenario the students have to use ICT to gain knowledge and study purpose.

Today ICT acts as a catalyst for change, change in all things, teaching & learning too. By using modern information technology communication technologies students can get information within short time. They can access all e- resources 24X7 through internet. It is the duty of the institutions to provide such ICT facilities with good speed to their students for their better results and knowledge, more number of computer systems should be provided to students for accessing internet at department or computer lab, as to save time at home.

For the academicians in CTE the usefulness of the Internet is shown through the frequency of its use. Most of the students and teachers use Internet more frequently, with 80 percent of them indicated using it daily, 20 per cent of them more than two or three times in a week. Internet presence helps to improve the educational process and address problems related to weak collaborative partnerships, declining educational standards, rising costs, increasing student numbers and to meet the general increased demand for higher education. A well-managed information flow in an academic institution can lead to the improvement of academic standards and can ensure greater equality. With the introduction of the Internet, information-seeking activities and information access have become much easier, faster, and more cost-effective for the intellectual community. 

a) Number of Computer systems 13
b) Availability of Internet facility Yes
c) Accessibility of Internet facility to students No
d) Number of CD ROMs 10
e) Number of Resources added during the Current Session 2015-16 Name of Resource -No.:

i. .........................
f) Number of Resources added during the previous academic session 2014-15 Name of Resource -No.:

i. Desktop Computer-11
ii. Laptop Computer-02
iii. Sound System-01
iv. Printer-01
v. Photocopier-01
vi. Overhead Projector-01

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