The Library of CTE, KUMARGHAT fosters intellectual growth by supporting excellence and innovation in education and research, managing and delivering information. The objectives of CTE Library are to:-

      Evaluate, acquire, organize, and provide information resources that adequately support the curriculum of the college, research needs of the students, teaching and  research needs of the faculties and other library users.

      Make use of electronic technologies which enables expeditious dissemination of information in various formats. 

      Provide library and information service responsive to the needs of the user community.

      Create a learning environment, which enable the students to develop the habit of   reading, learning & researching.

      Serve the Education community as a center of reliable information.





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  1. Seating capacity of reading room of the Library :100
  2. The Library has separate section: yes
  3. Number of books available in reference section of the library: approx 2000
  4. Total number encyclopedias available in the library: 09 Nos.     
  5. Total number of educational journals/periodicals being subscribed: 5 Nos.
  6. Total number of books in the library: 3008