Academic Information

a) Daily working hours 06 hrs
b) Number of working days in a week 06 days
c) Total no. of working days in the previous academic session
d) Average daily attendance during the current session 90

Programme -wise Results of Students for last three years

Pass percentage in the final examination during the last three academic sessions

S. No. Programme Session 2013-14 Session 2014-15 Session 2015-16
a) B.Ed NA NA 100%

Number of Ex-students of the Institution who qualified in the Central or State Eligibility Test during the Previous two years:Not Applicable being a new institution

Year Number of Students Appeared Number of Students Qualified
2016 NA NA

Mention the value added courses if offered by the TEI on own its initiative : No

Mention the value added courses if offered by the TEI on own its initiative: No

Name & Number of schools available for internship during the current session

a) Govt./ Govt. aided Schools

i. Pabiacherra H.S. School.
ii. Pabiacherra Colony High School
iii. Kumarghat Girls' H.S. School
iv. Sonaimuri H.S. School
v. Fatikroy Girls' High School
vi. DarchawiChritian H.S. School
vii. Noydrone High School
viii. Laldahar SB School
ix. Sukantanagar Railway Colony SB School
x. BhaginiNivedita Girls' H.S. School
xi. RKI, Kailshahar
xii. NetjaiVidypith H.S. School
xiii. Ashrampally SB School

b) Private recognised Unaided School: No

c) Rural Schools

i. Pabiacherra Colony High School
ii. DarchawiChritian H.S. School
iii. Noydrone High School
iv. Sukantanagar Railway Colony SB School
v. Laldahar SB School
vi. Ashrampally SB School
vii. Fatikroy Girls' High School

d) Urban Schools

i. Pabiacherra H.S. School .
ii. Kumarghat Girls' H.S. School
iii. RKI, Kailshahar
iv. BhaginiNivedita Girls' H.S. School
v. Netjai Vidypith H.S. School

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